Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I'm running away!!

This is something I think every parent expects to hear at least once in their lifetime from their child. But at TWO years old. So a few days ago we were playing outside with the neighbors and I decided that it was time to go inside. When I told Dorian, he proceeded to tell me quite seriously "I am running away!!" I asked to make sure that I was not being deceived by my ears and he said, with even more intensity, "I am running away from home!" It was funny that it said it, but it made me sad. Then, he starts running down the street (in the grass, thank God). He was very intent on running away. After a lot of convincing and some bribery I finally got him to come inside. After a little while I figured out that he had seen an episode of "Little Bill" I think called All Together Now where Little Bill tries to run away from home. He's seen it so many times before I do not know why he just decided to enact it. Well, I thought that would be the end of that. NOPE! I was wrong. We come in tonight, have dinner, and then sit down to relax a few minutes before we got into our bedtime routine. He grabs a bag that I have hanging on the closet door, opens the closet door and starts filling the bag with toys. I thought nothing about it. The he walks over and kisses my leg. I though "aww. How sweet." Then he opens the front door, says "i'm leaving now" and walks out. What just happened??? I go out after him and he is at the end of the driveway with his little toy bag. Its really cute to sweet especially since all he is wearing are his swim trunks. Haha. I start questioning him and his intentions. He tells me that he was going to the store to live there for a few weeks and that the store has chicken noodle soup for him to eat. He seemed to have it all planned out. I tried to get him to come back inside, but he kept saying that he was leacving. We ended up getting pajamas on and riding around town for a little while. That must have satisfied his need to "run away" because he finally asked to go home. It was the craziest thing ever. I am still in shock. I hope I never hear those words again from him or anyone else.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

New project...

Not giving away too much lets just say it involves a video nothing perverted. LOL When its done I will be sharing it with everyone. I am super excited. :)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Busy, busy.

So much is going on and I have done so much lately. Especially craft projects for my lovely BBC ladies. I won't post pics yet, until I know that they have received them because I don't want to spoil the surprise. But they are great.

Hope everyone had a great Mother's Day!!! I will update soon.

Friday, April 10, 2009

The future...

So, I just started this interior design course. It looks like its going to be VERY intense, but I am hoping to make it through with at least a 95. And hopefully some good contacts out of it. But anyways, for an assignment that I had to turn in today I had to interview an interior designer (or related professional). So I called a few places, finally got someone but spent the next three days calling back to get the designer on the phone. Well, I was able to meet with her today (thank GOD) and after our hour long interview, which was more like a chat, she basically offered me the opportunity to work with her as her assistant design. It will only start out as part time, which is perfect, and i can "get my foot in the door." Or at least get some experience, while I am in school. So that is all great. She probably wouldn't need my help for a few weeks anyways, but after all this talk and excitement, I am DREADING having to leave the kids with someone. Even if it only 2 days a week. Even if it was just one day, but all day. I don't know how I make peace with that. I love my kids more than anything, but this is an incredible opportunity for me and it would be very stupid for me to pass it up. But I will try to look on the bright side and say that it will work itself out by that time.

Turning 22.

Monday is my 22nd birthday. It probably sounds crazy, but I feel like I am turning older than I should be. I mean, it seems like yesterday I met Rosvin and here we are 5 1/2 years later. Time goes by so fast. People that I remember as children are about to be adults. I baby sitter is 17. I still feel like I'm 17 half the time. Come on now. ITS CRAZY!!!!!!!

Friday, March 6, 2009


This story is just so...interesting that I do not even know what to call it.

So, the hubby, myself, and the kids were on our way home from out and about today. Well, we were just driving along when the car in front us randomly put its breaks on and in there headlights I saw a little boy walking in the street. And when I say the street I mean a VERY busy, main road. So, DH stops and I jump out and tell him "hey, lets get on the side walk so we don't get hit." I asked him where his parents are, where he lives, and blah blah. He tells me that his mom is at the store, his dad doesn't know he is out and that he is 5!!!! He tells me a few other things, but I don't think I need to share those on here. So anyways, another guys comes up to try to help me get him home, all the while DH is driving along side. After we walk the neighborhood for about 10 minutes the kid gets very nervous and confused and we decided to just call the MPs, but none of us have the number. So after a few minutes of discussion we decide to put him in our car and drive to the station while the other guy follows. We do. Then spend an hour and a half there giving statements and trying to figure out what the hell to do because they had NO reports on a missing kid. Finally, while I was giving my statement someone found the mother. So, when I was done I walk out, see her and the little boy and he immediately tells me that he wants me to meet his mom. I introduce myself and tell her that I "was one of the people that found him." She said thanks, but not how you would imagine a mother who just found her lost kid to act. I am still freaking out about the situation. I hope the kid is ok. I hope his parents are good to him. I just don't know though. There are a million things running through my head. I just hope that things are ok with him.

Crazy, huh?!?!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Wall letters

I made this for a swap on babycenter. It is an altered item swap. They came out way better than I thought, especially since this was my first attempt at something like this. I am planning to take down the letters in Dorian's room and do his also.